Friday, January 21, 2011

vCO - Unzip Files with VMware Orchestrator workflow

To unzip files with vCO, e.g. patch bundles for ESX, there are some prerequisites.
  • vCO read / write access to source / target location (edit js-io-rights.conf)
  • min. 2 (v)CPU on vCO
  • vCO needs access to* and java.lang.Object (see post for how to)
This is a first full functional draft. There are some workarounds, because syntax / code is restricted in vCO.

Input parameters
  • ZipFileName - absolute path to ZIP file - e.g. C:/VCO/
  • OutputPath - path for deflating content - e.g. C:/VCO/deflate/

Finding a solution for the used workarounds, I will update this post.

Feel free to leave comments or drop your questions.

Regards, Andreas