Friday, June 10, 2011

vCO - change the VM´s boot order

When automating the deployment of virtual machines there comes the time when you need to change the boot order of a virtual machine. 

First there is a bad news: the boot order is part of the virtual machine´s BIOS (.nvram) and there is no easy way to edit this file. The good news is: based on this community discussion and the powershell examples i start to test the VcOptionValue inside the vCO.

After a short period of build and test it works with this simple code:

The inputs are : vm (VC:VirtualMachine) = virtual machine and device(string) = cd, net or hd for the boot device. Please keep in mind that this forces the VM to use only this device.

With this code you are able to change or add other VcOptionValue´s also :) 

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