Tuesday, December 13, 2011

vCO - How to add a second SCSI controller

Sometimes you will miss some OOTB workflows in your vCenter Orchestrator library. The last time I searched for a workflow the customer task was:

"Add a second disk with a different controller type and and a new bus ID (1)."

Reading this the task sounds really simple, but when searching there is only an "Add disk" workflow in the library which always crashes if you set the bus ID to 1, cause there isn´t a second SCSI controller.
Also there is no workflow to add a second SCSI controller and there is no method in the vSphere Client. So I decide to check how the vSphere client handle this event and used Onyx (http://labs.vmware.com/flings/onyx) to look for the used specifications.

So I found out that there is only an "add disk" method in the vSphere Client which automatically adds a second SCSI controller. With this knowledge I build a workflow which adds a second SCSI controller and then a second hard disk on this SCSI controller.

First make a clone of the "createVirtualScsiControllerConfigSpec" action and change the lines:

controller.key = 1;
controller.busNumber = 1;

Now create a new workflow and add a "Scriptable Task" element and the "vim3WaitTaskEnd" action. My IN parameter are: the VM (VC:VirtualMachine), the diskSize (number), the datastore (VC:Datastore) and the thinProvisioned (boolean) switch. The attributes are: task, progress, pollRate.

In the "Scriptable Task" element I added the lines shown in the screenshot. As you can see I use my cloned action to create the second controller. Than just add the second disk and push all into the array and start the reconfigVM task.

Have fun!

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  1. I am new to VCO and want to leverage this SCSI create and disk addition. I am uncertain what input values to use for the vim3WaitTaskEnd. Ar eyou able to provide this information?