Thursday, September 20, 2012

vCO 5.1 appliance - how-to fix the localhost.localdom certificate

Yesterday I updated my local lab to the brand new vCloud Suite 5.1. The most interesting thing for me was the vCenter Orchestrator appliance and it´s REST API. So after the deployment the appliance came up (I had to disconnect/connect the cd-rom while the certificate was generated) and the typical configuration interface was available.

After some normal tests I had some smaller problems:

1. the logs windows doesn´t show the logs
2. the browser tells me that the ceritifcate isn´t okay

My colleague Christophe Decannini points me in the right direction with the logs problem: the time between appliance and client was different. After changing the time and timezone everything was fine.

The second problem wasn´t this easy to solve. First I created a new certificate with the standard configuration service method:

After that I checked the certificate in my browser and was surprised that the certificate name was localhost.localdom.

A short console test also shows that the common name wasn´t right.

After a few more tests Burke Azbill mentioned his blog article and what should I say... even the linux appliance has the problem (article). So i started the following steps:

1. check for the certificate store

2. delete the old "dunes" ceritficate

3. generate new certificate

4. restart the vCenter Orchestrator appliance

After the restart I checked for the certificate again and everything was okay. Now I can test the new REST API :)

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