Sunday, October 17, 2010

vCO - new plug-in released: VIX

VMware released a new vCenter Orchestrator plug-in this week: the vCO VIX plug-in. With this integration it is possible to start operations direct in the virtual machine, like file copy, starting a service or check for directories.

The plugin can be downloaded at VMware Labs:
Within the .zip file are several components:

o11nplugin-vix.dar - The vCO VIX plug-in (binary)
vCO41-VIX-Plugin-Guide.pdf - The documentation guide - The Windows 64-bit VIX DLL - The vCO VIX plug-in (project and source code)

The .dar file can be installed like every other plug-in in the configuration interface of the vCenter Orchestrator.

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