Thursday, October 7, 2010

vCO - Input Dependency - using Presentation in VMware Orchestrator

A vCO Starter asked how to prefill DropDow-Boxes (or other fields) as input in dependency of an other input. Here a simple guide to use an action in Presentation to do this.

Assuming there is a workflow with two input parameters, Input1 [string] for free input, Input2 [string] in dependency of Input1 wich should offer following values:

  • Input1 = A --> A1, A2, A3
  • Input1 = B --> B1, B2, B3
  • Input1 all other values --> C1, C2, C3

Define both strings as input parameter. Then go to the presentation tab.

The Mandatory Property forces an input for Parameter Input1. You can not proceed the Workflow without a value for Input1.

Before looking at Input2, create an action:

This action will return an array of string in dependency of the input parameter MySelection described at the beginning.

Now use this action to define the second parameter:

Add a "Predefined list of elements" property. 

Use action sign (the puzzle) to bind the action on this property. Click the "string" to select the propriate input parameter or our action. After this the presentation look like this.

Execute the workflow and test the behavior.

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