Saturday, November 13, 2010

VMware VCAP-DXA exam experience

Today was the day! After travelling the long way to Frankfurt and reading every guide from VMware at the train i arrived at the VUE test center around 1:00 pm. After the normal check-in procedure i take my seat in front of an old DELL client. After 10 questions in the survey the exam begins...

After 3 hours and 30 minutes my eyes were dry and red and my head begans to burn. I think it was one of the hardest exams i had made in the last years. So i try to give you an overview what drives me mad:

1.building performance reports and statistics
I think nearly every question has to do with performance metrics, performance reports, utilization reports and so on. Also there are several questions to build custom reports and performance graphs like: build up an DRS Cluster, put the hosts into it and design a performance chart for all memory operations (average, used etc.). Sometimes the description doesn´t match the really available options...

2.vMA administration
Another strong part were the vMA questions. Several tricky things are asked: delay in the vMA input via vSphere Client console, esxupdate with NIC drivers (did not work in my test environment!), verifying an ks.cfg file (was not available on my hosts, should be available under /tmp on one of them!), esxcli to create an SATP ALUA rule (New Array does not work as name, because of the space between!)

In my case there was only on script to build: Find all VMs with a CDROM attached and write the list into a file.

4.Standard operations
The most things i had to do where standard vSphere operations: build up a vDS with several port groups, change Uplink orders in vDS port groups, build up an vApp and a resource pool with explicit configuration tasks (start order, reservation under 25%, 5VMs start without expandable resources).

In my case there were no question about the vShield Zones, the vCenter Orchestrator or the Linked Mode, but i really missed them because the vMA questions were really hard! I think i will need a second attempt to get the certification :-(

UPDATE: Today the mail arrives and what should i say: i passed the exam!!!

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