Saturday, July 24, 2010

LabManager 4.0.2 - Bug or not? LabManager 4 reviewed

In the last months i have seen several LabManager 4 environments and some have a few problems. So i decided to post them, so that you know them before building a production environment.

Bug #1
The first thing i found is that ESXi as hypervisor is supported since Update 3.5 Update 5. The problem with ESXi is, that there is no SMB agent implemented, but LabManager support SMB import/export operations.

Bug #2
Second thing i have seen in several environments: ldap sync does not delete users when deleted in Active-Directory! In LabManager 4 you are able to set timings for ldap sync and also you can entitle AD-groups and users for workspaces and configurations. Now if you enable AD-groups and users a local user is created inside the LabManager. If you delete a user from the AD-group sometimes the ldap sync does not register this change. If you look inside the users of the LabManager the local copy of the deleted user is already there. I´ve tried to get the smallest sync time but nothing changes. Important to know is that you can´t find those useres in "stranded users". This is only for entitlements in which the workspace is deleted, so that the entitled users and their configurations could be assigned to the main workspace.

Bug #3
What if we want to backup the LabManager Configurations, Workspaces, VMs and so on? Only one hint by VMware: KB 1000023

But did i know anybody with more than one LabManager environment who use this scenario? No! The only thing you can do is to check out your VMs into the library with a defined version, export them via datastore (not SMB, bug #1) and import them as new template in the library...

I think that Bug #2 is security relevant, cause the user (already deleted in the AD) can further use the workspace, configuration or vm. Hope there will be some changes with version 4.1 or 4.5 :-)

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