Thursday, July 22, 2010

NEW - mcsWebServicePlugin - NEW

Have you ever ask yourself how to integrate own dynamic webservices into the vSphere Client? Not the poorly way with static .xml pages... now we develop a small freeware solution for this: the mcsWebServicePlugin!

With this vSphere Client Plugin you have the power to integrate your webservices based on the clicked object in the inventory tree. With this solution you are able to simply integrate your mangement boards based on the clicked ESX/ESXi Host-System:

But that´s not the only option. You can also integrate web-portals like your service desk, your monitoring solution or an order portal for new virtual machines. We use it for vCenter Orchestrator workflow integration.

The best is the really simple installation and configuration of the plugin. You have to copy the into plugins in your vSphere Client folder and extract it to a new folder in the plugins path. After starting the vSphere Client you can configure your webservice and copy the index.php and the info.php into this path.

At the moment this is the freeware version. In the future there will be a commercial release which would be much more dynamic and allows more than one tab and one central link location.

Feel free to ask for features or if you have any questions!

Here you can download the Plugin and the documentation:

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